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The Cookie Policy

1. Cookies refer to data, especially text files, which remain on the Service User’s end device and are intended for using the Service websites. A cookie usually contains the name of the server it was sent from, the cookie lifetime on the end device, and a unique number.

2. The operator of the www.ikar-plaza.pl Service, with its registered office at Centrum Zdrowia i Wypoczynku IKAR PLAZA ul. Wschodnia 35, 78-100 Kołobrzeg, places cookies on the Service User’s end device and gains access to them.

3. Cookies are used to:

1) adjust the Service website content to the User’s preferences as well as to optimise website usage; Cookies allow in particular to recognise the Service User’s device and to show the customised website properly;

2) create statistics which help to understand how the Service Users use the websites. As a result, website design and its content can be improved;

3) maintain the Service User’s session (after logging in). In consequence, there is no need to enter the login and the password on each sub-website.

4. Within the Service, two main types of cookies are used: session and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file on the User’s end device until the user logs out, leaves the website or closes the web browser. Persistent cookies remain on the User’s end device for the duration period set within the cookie parametres or until the User deletes them.

5. Within the Service, the following cookie types are used:

1) necessary cookies which enable using the available services, e.g. authentication cookies used for services requiring authentication;

2) safety cookies used to track abuses which might take place during the authentication process;

3) performance cookies which collect information about how the Service websites are used;

4) functionality and profile cookies which allow a website to ‚remember’ the User’s choices as well as customised interface, e.g. with regard to the selected language or region from which the User comes from, the font size, website design, etc.;

5) targeting cookies which provide Users with advertisements relevant to their interests.

6. It frequently happens that the web browser automatically allows cookies to remain on the User’s end device. The Service Users may alter cookie files settings at any time. The settings might be changed in particular to block automatic handling of cookie files in the web browser settings or to inform the Service Users about placing cookies on their devices each and every time. Details concerning the possibilities and ways to use cookie files can be found in the web browser settings.

7. Restrictions on the cookie files use may have an influence on some Service website features.

8. Cookies placed on the Service User’s end device may also be used by the advertisers and partners cooperating with the Service operator.

9. For more information about available cookie files, visit wszystkoociasteczkach.pl or enter the web browser „Help” section.

The abovementioned cookie policy is protected by copyright which is vested in IAB Polska (source: wszystkoociasteczkach.pl).


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