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Our modern sauna complex offers 4 different types of cabins and much more…

In the spa and wellness area our guests may use any of the amenities such as: Finnish sauna, steam and brine baths, cool off and relaxation zones, ‘sunny meadow’ as well as hamam/rasoul rituals.

Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna - cosy warmthThe beneficial effect of alternate heating and cooling of the entire body was already discovered by the Ancients. However, it was not until the Scandinavians have developed and introduced the currently familiar ways of using the so-called Finnish sauna. The latest medical researches confirm that these treatments help to maintain a long and healthy life.

The entire treatment involves the heating of the entire body with hot and dry air at a temperature of 100°C and then cooling it with cold air.

In addition to the stimulation of the immune and endocrine systems as well as metabolism, Finnish Sauna helps eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin. Therefore, doctors recommend it with medical conditions such as: recurrent infections (particularly of respiratory tract), signs of slow metabolism, overload syndromes of the spine and joints as well as rheumatic diseases in the asymptomatic period.

Sauna is equipped with a functional hourglass and buckets with dippers.

Steam Turkish bathSensually-refreshing 45°C steam bath

Thermal bath in a room filled with hot steam. This treatment promotes cleansing of the body, helps maintain good skin blood circulation and soothes the nervous system.

The steam saturated with such sensual scents as: eucalyptus, pine, lemon balm, lemon, Indian rose, maracuya, mango. They add to a greater sense of relax and refreshing stimulation of the body and mind.

Brine bath – temp. 43 – 46°C/humidity 100%/

This is a combination of steam bath with brine inhalation. This treatment strengthens immune system, helps treat many respiratory system ailments, and by stimulating skin blood flow, moisturises and cleanses it.

FootbathsBowl for feet bath

Extraordinary relax for your feet. After leaving the sauna just sit down on a comfortable, heated seat and dip your feet alternately in hot and cold water. It is not just a whole new experience. This footbath improves blood circulation and gives a sense of deep relaxation to the entire body.

Rest area

Between successive sauna cycles, a rest is recommended. Just lie down on a comfortable sun lounger and let yourself be surrounded by delicate relaxing music. In the summer everyone enjoys relaxing in warm, fresh air. How do you feel then? See it for yourself…

Sunny gladeSunny Meadow

It is a pleasure of enjoying a sun bath regardless of the weather. Relax on a heated lounger, surrounded by greenery to experience a true holiday atmosphere. Your skin becomes soft and naturally tanned, and your body begins to release endorphins, natural happiness hormones.


Hamam massage ritual is a treatment with a body lying on a heated bed massaged using a foam peeling. Aromatic foam covers the entire body, excites the senses and takes into the magical world of the Orient.

Rassoul ritual combines four elements: water, fire, Earth and air into one unique experience for body and soul. Rassoul ritual is a bath mud poultice treatment in hot humid air. It positively affects metabolism, muscle tone and skin rejuvenation.

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